I don't speak on stages, I inspire on them.


Who Is Enoch?

And Why Is He the Right Person to Speak on Your Stage?

Over the years, Enoch has had the opportunity to encourage and inspire more than 300,000 people internationally with over 3,000+ presentations.

Enoch has presented to audiences both large and small in a variety of different settings and contexts. As a presenter, he will use stories and humor to not only make a point but to keep your audience engaged. They will leave with practical, actionable next steps to take with them.

Whether you’re a business, conference, or organization, we would love to see how we can work together for your next event.

Enoch’s schedule is extremely limited. To inquire about his availability for your next conference contact Shenesia, Enoch's speaker manager.

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"Thank you, Enoch. This is like a crash course through many of my most valuable learned lessons through life. Great to see you in your element."
- Samuel I.
Real Estate Entrepreneur, Author

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Most people have to spend thousands of dollars to get this advice.
- Jay R.
Business Lawyer, ProSCALE Legal Founder




Reasons to Book Enoch



Enoch believes that learning is not a spectator sport, and will engage your audience so that the lessons they learn will stick long after your event.



Sometimes things don't quite go according to plan. When you book Enoch, you'll have an easy-to-work-with, adaptable professional who can play it by ear and work with you to make sure your audience is served well.



You can count on Enoch to deliver a practical message based on experience, not theories. He'll bring the principles he teaches home with examples of how they can be practically applied to the lives and businesses of your audience.



Enoch's goal is transformation, not information. You can expect your audience to receive tools they can immediately apply to their lives and a clear call to action.


Enoch draws from his 18 years of business experience to help health experts, educators, and coaches get their health message to the masses and monetize their knowledge online.

Having been fascinated with digital marketing since he was 12 years old, he distills some of the greatest lessons he’s learned into 3 secrets that will leave the audience inspired, empowered, and equipped.

While most health certification programs provide little to no training on business and marketing, this speech connects the audience to their next steps in growing a profitable health education business in this ever-changing digital age.


​Your audience will leave not only inspired but enabled to take their health knowledge and monetize it online. They will be empowered with mindset shifts that set them up for success in marketing their message and selling their health products and programs online. Enoch will equip your audience with the exact steps to take to achieve their goals in a fraction of the time.

I’m A Certified Health Coach… Now, What Do I Do?

What Most Health Certification Programs Don’t Teach You About Making Money with Your Health Knowledge Online

Key Lessons:
1. How to Ensure Your Life-Saving Health Advice Doesn't Get Lost in the Noise

2. What You Can Do If the Fear of Selling Holds You Back

3. How to Bypass the Marketing Learning Curve for Rapid Growth

4. The Key to Selling While Serving

5. Why “A Good Product Will Sell Itself” Is Terrible Advice (And What to Do Instead)

6. Why High-Ticket Offers Are Better for Everyone

7. How to Get Your Health Clients to Commit More Time, Energy, and Focus into Your Program

8. The Biggest Mistake Health Educators Make When Delivering Health Speeches or Creating Content

9. What 90% of Health Coaches Don’t Understand About Spreading Their Health Message Online

10. Why Not Knowing What Business You’re REALLY In Is Costing You a Fortune

​11. Creating Content That Attracts High-Paying Health Clients

1. Keynote/Sermon
2. Seminar/Workshop
3. Breakout Session/Small Group
4. Online Interview/Presentation​


How to Increase Your Income & Impact by Recognizing the Unspoken Patterns of Every High Income Earner

Money is the result of value or impact added to the marketplace.

The secret to increasing your income is understanding what are The 4 Classes of Impact. Because the class of income you will make is determined by which of the classes of impact you operate in.

Do you want to operate in the lower classes of income or the higher classes of income? How about impact? Would you rather operate in the lower classes of impact or the higher classes of impact?

Those who are making 10x more impact and income than you are not working 10x harder than you. They’re not 10x smarter than you. They’re not even putting in 10x more time than you are. They’ve simply figured out how to work in the higher classes of impact.

Contrary to popular belief, the key to getting ahead financially is not working harder but working higher, as in a higher class of impact. In this message, you’ll discover the resources you already have which will enable you to unlock higher earning potential by recognizing the untold patterns every high-income earner has in common. Could it be your time to unlock the secrets that the higher classes will likely never tell you?

Six Secrets of Success png


Understand Your Hidden T.A.L.E.N.T. God has given you to fulfill your God-given assignment in the marketplace.

Did you know there are just 6 talents moving the needle the most in helping you reach long-term success?

We all want to thrive in every area of our lives. But how? What talents can help you achieve long-term success and vibrant well-being no matter your age, business, strengths, or personality?

All high performers have mastered either intentionally or accidentally 6 talents that matter most in reaching and sustaining long-term success. We call these six gifts Your Hidden T.A.L.E.N.T. They have to do with your Thinking, Money, Communication, Influence, Health, & Time.

Your Hidden T.A.L.E.N.T. is the talent you haven’t fully maximized yet. Learn to mobilize, maximize and master your unique talents so you can turn ordinary results into extraordinary results.

Each of these talents are learnable, improvable, and useable across all contexts of life. Here you’ll learn the art and science of how to cultivate these critical talents.

Develop these six talents and you win. Neglect them, and life is a never-ending struggle.

This message will take away the uncertainty and lack of clarity that most people have regarding the exact talents you can monetize to move your mission forward.

The audience will leave with cutting-edge science, thought-provoking exercises, and real-world practical steps you can immediately apply to level up your skill and maximize the use of the talents you already have, so you can solve valuable problems in the marketplace.

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The Intentional Planning Process for Turning Your Vision Into Reality

After studying some of the most elite high performers on the planet, I’ve recognized common patterns and packaged them together in one concise master framework.

Your audience can learn the Intentional Planning Process of the most productive people on the planet without spending countless hours & thousands of dollars to discover what all high performers have in common.

In one message, you’ll discover how to take your vision and turn it into a reality.

You’ll learn the 7 simple steps you can take to get clear on your intentions and make a plan that is easy to execute and from ordinary results to extraordinary results.

You & your audience will walk away with a framework you can use to immediately boost your productivity and increase your confidence in fulfilling your mission by seeing your vision to fruition.

You will know how you can apply the 7 steps to every area of your life.

G O D S  P L A N  For a Financial Transformation png


The Ultimate Formula for The Financial Breakthrough You Desire

GODS PLAN is a Bible-based framework taken from a highly relatable story in scripture showing step-by-step, God’s simple path to the financial breakthrough you desire.

Your audience will also relate as they hear my story of transformation from a poor missionary living in my car homeless to owning a family business generating 6 figures of passive income annually using GODS PLAN for a Financial Transformation.

I’ll share the simple strategies I learned along the way and assembled into this easy-to-understand step-by-step plan. Discover the divinely-inspired steps that will help anyone use what you already have to take control of your financial future & create generational wealth for your family.

Whether you’re looking to pay off your debts, invest in yourself by developing new skills, or whatever your financial goal, this message reveals what keeps people financially stuck at any level.

No matter your salary, your stage of life, or when you started, this message will provide the tools to help you achieve your financial goals faster than you ever thought possible.

Together we’ll dispel the popular money myths you probably believe which are preventing you from the financial turnaround you desire.

Whether you’re just getting started or already financially thriving looking for the next level these few steps will provide you with confidence and a clearer path to your next steps. What if the financial breakthrough you’ve been looking for could already be within your reach?

In this message, I share proven strategies and techniques you can apply immediately to your personal finances today. Learn to master the mindset of true wealth, and experience the fulfillment you desire today.

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Master Your Mind and Move Your Mission Forward

This message will give your & your audience the keys to unlock your 7 Thinking Faculties, which are the 7 mental tools you’ve been given to solve valuable problems, make dreams come true, learn anything, and make tough decisions.

They have to do with your Will, Memory, Perception, Imagination, Reason, Intuition, & Faith.

I was placed in special ed class as a child struggling in school, therefore I’m passionate about sharing what will be possible for you, once you learn the tools & strategies I’ll give you.

Your audience will learn the mindset, motivation, and methods that could move you from feeling limited to limitless.

If you could see how your mind is the #1 greatest asset you possess, then this message will help you to maximize your mental capacity with the mindset and methods essential for you to thrive in a world of change.

What if not understanding or misunderstanding your 7 Thinking Faculties could be holding you back from your biggest dreams?

What could you accomplish if you completely upgraded your brain so that you eliminated brain fog, got clear on where you’re going, & operate with complete focus and concentration?

In this message, you’ll discover a scientifically sound set of tools to create sustainable results in whatever you pursue. Are you ready to unlock your limitless potential and level up your skills, learning, business, and relationships?


Become a Super Student of Successful People

Did you know behind every great master was a mentor? Why? Because mentorship is one of the only real shortcuts that exist in life. Finding the right mentor will continually lift the limitations on your life & business.

In this message, I share some of the most valuable lessons & patterns I’ve learned after going through nearly 100 thousand dollars worth of mentorship, coaching, and training.

You’ll learn the #1 method for finding the right mentor for whatever you desire to accomplish so that you can multiply your productivity, possibilities, proficiencies, and profitability.

This message is for you if you’d rather not learn the hard way but instead learn from the mistakes of others. If you want to surround yourself with highly successful people who are genuinely excited to show you their secrets of success.

You’ll discover how to easily find a mentor that aligns with your values, maximize the mentorships you get, multiply your resources, and master any skill in half the time.

I’ll show you how to get virtually unlimited access to mentors who are further ahead of you both in life and business, so you can learn in days what took them decades to discover.

I’ll reveal to you what most business leaders won’t tell you about mentorship.


 How long do your presentations/seminars often last?

This will depend on what you’re looking to achieve from scheduling me. Often, I can deliver a great presentation in just 30 minutes, however the sweet spot for a powerful contribution at your event is 90 minutes, although if you’re looking for an all-day speaker/presenter, then that allows the opportunity for you to really train your team with huge authority and something I am very experienced in.

 Will Enoch be available for additional appearance meetings during the event?

When you book me, I essentially become your asset for the day.
I am more than happy to be involved in VIP lunches, book signings, Q/As, press appearances, etc. The worst thing for me is to be present and not being able to maximize my time so I could add the most value while I’m there. Involve me in the event objectives and together we can make a plan about how best we can use my time off the stage to add extra value to you and your organization.

 We’re interested in booking you short-term, do you have a minimum booking period?

There really is no answer to this question. Occasionally I get asked to speak “next week” and can make it work and I will also have confirmed dates over a year away. The advice I would give is to inquire and book early if you can, and ask the question if you are looking for a short term solution. There is only one of me, and I love what I do, so if it is possible I will do all I can to make it work. The best thing that you can do is to apply with your date and we’ll check if there’s availability.

 What will Enoch require on the day?

My requirements are very simple and the team will ensure that you have all the information you need in advance of the day. No crazy demands – just a few bottles of room temperature water close by, a competent AV system and an audience willing to learn.

 Our audience will have a range of experience, some just getting started and others being highly experienced — is your content applicable to all?

The short is answer is yes.
My presentations are typically unique depending on your audience’s needs – I won’t just be giving them actionable strategies (which will benefit all parties), but most importantly, I’ll be laying a foundation of the entire talk with motivation to take action and drive results.

To find out more call Shenesia

Or send her a message.

Shenesia is the Director of Strategic Partnerships and is dedicated to individually support and maintain communication with you to ensure your event is a success.


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Who Is Enoch Leffingwell?

An entrepreneur since he was 10 years old, and being fascinated with internet marketing since he was 12, Enoch now teaches health authors, coaches, speakers, and other health entrepreneurs how to get paid a premium for their health advice by helping them to create premium coaching programs.

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Lewiston, ID 83501