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Why I Am Sold on The Value of Relationships

Enoch Leffingwell

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

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Why I Am Sold on The Value of Relationships

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Have you ever wondered why very successful and thriving entrepreneurs spend thousands, and often millions, just to have access to master mentors and coaches?

At first, it was hard for me to think about spending money to have access to people, mentors, and coaches.

Sometimes you don’t have the people in your environment who are doing the same thing you want to do, or at the level you want to be doing it. I learned that by investing in programs, mentorships, courses, or training events, you can gain access to high-profile leaders who can introduce you to ideas or concepts not taught anywhere else. Often just one powerful idea rightly executed could radically transform your life or business.

For example, In December 2021 I got back from an event where people in the room paid $36,000 or $55,000 to be in the room.

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At the event, I met a young man named Rowell Ramos, who was 25 years old and he was making $15,000 a month when I first met him. He’s a year younger than me in this high level mastermind, and he has also invested in multiple masterminds with other millionaire mentors I learn from. What do you think this new connection did for my beliefs?

His area of expertise is how to leverage credit in business to buy income producing assets. That’s certainly a topic I’m interested in understanding better. He told me he wanted to create content. I started sharing with him a condensed version of my 10 years of content creation experience with ideas and possibilities he could use to create content. I shared how he could get his content from his audience. He agreed that that would be a good idea.

I came up with an idea:

What if I could ask him my questions? And he could create content based on my questions? It was a win-win situation that I wouldn’t have had otherwise without being able to develop that friendship and getting myself in that room.

Since then, Rowell has solved his content creation problems and the last time I saw him, he gave me a multitude of helpful solutions I could carry out to solve practical problems I am facing in my business. I love talking to that brother. He knows his stuff well.

Sometimes, friends, you have to get in the room... You have to do what it takes to show up so your business can blow up.

I met this lady at an event who has frequent appearances on national television. She’s spoken on stages like Funnel Hacking Live, a multimillionaire and Two Comma Club award winner. We had dinner together with a small group of entrepreneurs from the event.

My friend Christopher, who was the very first mentor that taught me about health, who I was able to travel around the nation with, took me into rooms that I couldn’t get into. Now I am able to take him into rooms that he couldn’t otherwise get into.

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My friend Christopher and I at an event.

Together, we were counseling this lady about some deep spiritual subjects in regard to her personal relationships, her relationship with God, and her understanding of eternity.

God has opened up opportunities for both him and for me to counsel and encourage these higher class people who are among the greatest marketers alive on earth right now. These marketers are reaching millions of people with their influence.

On multiple occasions, successful business owners have been open to biblical things. I find they are often thirsting for the truth. They’re waiting for missionaries in the marketplace to bring them Biblical truths. Being missionaries in the marketplace will help you meet millionaires.

As you reach them, you’ll be able to influence them in ways you can’t now imagine. It’s at these business masterminds, conferences, seminars, and events that we can meet individuals and start to cultivate Developed Associations.

Normalizing Your Future Achievements

Here’s a tip, this is life-transforming if you allow it to be.

Whatever goal you set, put yourself in an environment that normalizes the achievement of that goal, and you will get there so much faster. When you surround yourself with people who normalize the achievements of your goals, people with whom you can shake their hands, with whom you could talk to you, who are all doing the same thing that you desire to do. Whether that’s with your fitness, your finances, your followers, whatever it is, surround yourself with people thriving in that area.

I went to this small event with multiple people who were having six and seven-figure days in their businesses and teaching me the behind the scenes of how they did it. While most business coaches are teaching people how to have six and seven-figure years, the leader that put this together is teaching people how to have six and seven-figure days. There were multiple people who stood up and shared how to do what they did. When you see one person, it’s like, whoa, that’s good for them. When you see two people and then 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 all achieving the same result, it changes you. I had never seen anything like it. I began to believe not only is it possible for them, but it’s absolutely possible for me too. This is the power of surrounding yourself with a profitable peer group that expands your thinking.

Networking: A High-Income Skill

There’s an interesting quote from a financial educator named Robert Kiyosaki, who wrote the bestselling book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". He said:

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The truth is, your network is your net worth. What's your net worth? Your net worth is basically taking everything you own, minus everything you owe. Your net worth is a God-given talent.

All the property you have is a talent of God. (See Haggai 2:8) He has given you the strength to accumulate your net worth. (See Deuteronomy 8:18) Why? So you could use your money and property for His glory to be used for his service, for the provision of his cause, your needs, and the needs of others. (See 1 Corinthians 10:31)

Your net worth is the resources you have to do what God has called you to do. This will be in proportion to your network. Networking is one of the highest paid skills on the planet. Often it's not about what you know, but who you know. The most wealthy people I know are also the most connected people I know. Finding the right mentors could open a door of endless possibilities for your life and business. There is a lot to be said of Developed Association regarding Financial Laws throughout the scriptures. That’s why it’s so important to put yourself in places where you can have these important conversations. One call can change it all. You are literally just one conversation away from the destiny of your life forever. Often you're just one conversation away from these Developed Associations.

Sometimes you have to just get into the room. Attend seminars, events, and online challenges. Invest in mentorship programs. Do something that can give you access to these people.

If you want to learn more about how you can surround yourself around high-level successful people and get the most out of those experiences then grab a free copy of my book "I Want a Mentor… Now What Do I Do?" at

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