Meet Enoch Leffingwell

Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur

Enoch Leffingwell is an entrepreneur, business coach, bestselling author, and international speaker who has gone from being broke and sleeping in his car to building a 6-figure family business.

Enoch teaches health and wellness coaches, speakers, authors, etc. how to get paid a premium for their advice by helping them to create premium mentorship programs.

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Enoch's Journey

Enoch has enjoyed selling since he was 10 years old. Everything from candy bars to cars, gumdrops, and lollipops, owning a bike repair shop, landscaping company, and more. While most boys were outside playing b-ball with their friends, Enoch was the boy outside building businesses employing his friends.

Since age 12, he's been fascinated with digital marketing.

After 15 failed business attempts by age 21, Enoch found himself homeless, living in his car, wondering “What is the secret to building a successful business?”

Then he met John Rhoades, a successful entrepreneur who became an early mentor of his. John introduced Enoch to high income skills like how to sell from both physical and digital platforms. Learning these high income skills resulted in Enoch making $10,000 a month in his early 20s and growing his family business to over half a million dollars in profit.

After breaking sales records and seeing rapid growth in his business, Enoch started getting the attention of multimillionaires and invitations to speak to their audiences, revealing his secrets for business growth. From there, he began teaching ambitious entrepreneurs how to sell from stage and other high income skills from his 17 years of experience building businesses since he was 10.

Learning the same high income skills Enoch reveals in his content and products has allowed his family to make money while they sleep and enjoy greater financial freedom to buy more of what they want, time freedom to spend their time doing more of what they love, and location freedom to live anywhere while still building their businesses from laptops.

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Through online programs and speaking engagements, Enoch Leffingwell has reached thousands of people around the world.

He is a seasoned international speaker who has delivered over 3,000 presentations both online and in-person.

He is an experienced entrepreneur, starting his entrepreneurship journey at the age of 10. Enoch now has over 15 business attempts under his belt, and has built a 6-figure family business.

Received mentorship from industry leaders and high-level entrepreneurs such as Myron Golden, Russell Brunson, Brendon Burchard, and Peng Joon.

Who Is Enoch Leffingwell?

An entrepreneur since he was 10 years old, and being fascinated with internet marketing since he was 12, Enoch now teaches health authors, coaches, speakers, and other health entrepreneurs how to get paid a premium for their health advice by helping them to create premium coaching programs.

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Lewiston, ID 83501